Wednesday, August 29, 2007


today is picture taking day and then uploading, then posting it everywhere I have some ONLINE-MYSPACE, I love etsy, Flickr account.

Man I prefer just doing an event and sell, but where I live now I have to market my items on the WORLDWIDE web.

Here's some examples of my new jewelry that's for sale in some stores.


Saturday, August 11, 2007

THE Wonderful World Of Kukula

Kukula is ONE OF A KIND. Her artwork reflects love, pain, and being a girl. Her subjects are cute, sexy and yet sad. She touches on emotions that most girls feel.
I think Kukula has a wonderful sense of fashion, she is unique and very beautiful.
You can check out more of her art at
The above pieces are mine.♥

in the world of PORKCHOP

I am new to blogging so I am giving it a try. I am a DIY, I have a business called PORKCHOP RUles-it is one of a kind silk-screened clothes,jewelry and artwork. I wanted to document the ups and downs of a DIYers.

JUst about me:

I have always wanted my own business. I started making handbags out of Mexican oil cloth in college and did sell them to a couple stores.

Finished school from LONG BEACH STATE, moved, tattooed a bit. That was my first passion, but that's behind me.

I wanted to silkscreen and create I did with help from my wonderful parents.

You can check out stuff on etsy and my website.