Sunday, May 23, 2010


new tanks and booty shorts. I like alternative apparel and these are from their eco-green line. I believe these are made from recycled fibers.

Unicorn LOVE necklace
vintage deadstock enameled fan, I found the book locket. By mom found that heart gem in a parking lot. delicate and sweet.

CRIMSON & CLOVER over and over

So I tried putting the video on the our blog but it didn't work. So if you have never been to our store, here's a taste. I should have put the Crimson and Clover song as background music.

Monday, May 17, 2010

new stuff in the mix

After my post about Florals & tattoos I found this wonderful dress. The label is LEO. It totally fits and I just adore it. It was $2 dollars. I also wore my LEO ring, I just had too!

RINGS RINGS RINGS plus more to come

Oh I just adore this necklace. I found these deadstock charms on ebay. If it doesn't sell at the store I may just keep it!

Iceburg Dreams- What a find, this is a handpainted pendent with a little glass bottle.