Sunday, September 30, 2007

La Meow Vintage in Modesto

I live in a town called Modesto....not by choice. my old man got a job here...what do you do.

I have found that where I live I have meet some amazing people who LOVE fashion. I want to share who they are.

La Meow Vintage is a ebay store. The gal that runs it has great style, she is unique and she loves her cat!

Check Out her out...add her to your favorite sellers on won't be disappointed!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Originally uploaded by PORKCHOP RULES
Wrote another blog today about my PAnda....But i just want to tell the story of Panda Blues.

He's a lover not a fighter. He loves his friends and likes to give them gifts. One day he gave his "friend" some cookies. The next day he saw them in the trash.
This was his reaction and asked his friend "Gosh I though you liked my cookies this whole time" The friend could not say anything but slamed the door in his face.....