Sunday, March 28, 2010

Always wearing Levis

I just adore Vintage Levi's.  I bought this Vintage LEVIS blouse on etsy, it's a bit small but I can make it work. The jeans are also LEVIS CAPITAL E line, they are high waisted but you can't tell.
These were in the back of the store and asked Nicole how much she wanted for them, but she said I could have them. OH and they fit and they are soo soft. I love the pockets. I usually dont wear light color jeans but these I will work with. I paired it up with a blouse I found thrifting. I also like heneley style blouses.

I have had this skirt for a couple years. I got it at this lovely Vintage store in Sacramento, that is no longer's a Subway now. It's an orange label Levis. The length ok. I paired with a vintage thermal top from Nicole and the quilted jacket I got from the SPCA thrift store in Sacramento. The necklace is from Nicole's line Flaming Hag Folkwear, it's a locket.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St.Patty's Day

                                                                     Vintage Cards

      Today I put our banner up for the store...YEAH a real sign!

This is what I wore today

A Gunne Sax shirt I purchased on Etsy, I love it even though I can't button it up all the way, Jockey tank, Jeans LEVIS, Vintage 70's wedges-THRIFT, Russian handpainted pendent-LOVE U NIKO.

so my mom finds things for me and she found all these wood hearts. I thought why don't I just make little pins with them. I used old buttons, the deer was a broken pin and the rhinstone eye came out, the Panda image is from a 60's match box I cut out. I plan on making more. oh so crafty!

Monday, March 8, 2010

some necklaces remade

Usually if a necklace or bracelet that has not sold I will remake it into something else. Most of the time it works. Here's a couple that I remade and are at the shop.

I also have one more needlepoint necklace left. This one is so great for spring. Made with recycled chain as well.

Here's another necklace remade in. I love this Lotus Cloisonne Pendent. I use to have it on a brass chain then I took it off that and decided to use a chopper chain to highlight the different colors in the pendent.

Last I always like the lace necklaces I have been seeing on etsy. It's such a great idea to reuse lace pieces that we may just throw away. This is my first one, I added this vintage found silver Virgin Mary pendent .This you can find online plus free shipping worldwide Porkchop Rules

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Finally a wallet that caters to my needs. I found this wonderful vintage wallet, that had the section for credit cards, a slot for cash and a coin purse. However the coin part did not close all the way and they would always fall out. Searching online etsy, and ebay nothing what I needed. Finally going to one of my favorite thrift stores I spotted a Princess Gardner box and there it was a NEW deadstock they call a "French Purse"
Then as I was looking for sandles for the store I found these awesome shoes. I thought I wish they were my size and then I tried them on, OH YES these are MINE!