Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Year of the Rabbit

Busy busy at the store. I only have a few pictures of jewelry I made. First I am so happy the store is doing so good. Way better then last year! Wish I took pictures of my outfits but the store was slammed and it was raining outside. Oh I can't wait to make new items for next year! So many ideas.

OK the heart necklace is at the store, I can't keep everything. I love the birds, I love the rose key chain with the kanji and the yellow resin pendent...maybe I will change my mind...
The Cloisonne Rose pendent has been spoken for.

I was farting around with these bullet shells and vintage found feathers. The lace gave it a feminine touch.

She's the cutest Porkchop EVER....I love to see kids in the clothes I printed. She already has great style.

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 13, 2010

this weekend jems and shoes

This weekend I stopped by Krazy Mary's on Folsom Blvd to visit Jen of jenjems. She makes wonderful earthy boho style jewelry. She uses sterling silver, copper, leather and precious stones. She takes her time on all pieces of jewelry, and has wonderful craftsmanship. She sells at Krazy Mary's and on etsy.

new one of kind upcycled rings.

Next on my list was to visit the Shiny Nickel Gallery. My other friend Niko who started a blog had some very intense artwork on display. The shoes are my favorite. She has inspired me to do art again.

The Shiny Nickel Gallery
1518 21st between  "P" & "O" street

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I adore this gal. I love what she wears...dang I wish I got a picture of what she was wearing today. I found this Red Panda tent dress!!!! What soo cool. I thought it would be in the store forever...not even a couple days....she loved it and it's hers.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

floral hearts rule

sorry bad photos....wish list new camera....and pay off my credit cards..Oh too personal! So buy my jewelry and clothes...just kidding. Well most of my followers are people I know so who cares!
Oh sorry back to business....

dead stock enameled Asian floral heart earrings

 dead stock enameled floral hearts dark tones necklace

next to to the floral hearts dark tones, is old fashion buggy necklace, and another dead stock Asian enameled floral basket

Two different necklaces. DUCK Talk and floral heart red tones necklace
one of a kind

More stuff that is at the store
These lovely earrings are made by Flaming Hag Folkwear 

Necklace made by me-Wish me Luck
and one of kind clip made by Flaming Hag Folkwear
The clip is made of wool and upcycled brooch, she has a couple more like this
Hope to see you soon