Friday, April 29, 2011

Quick GET-A-WAY (part 1)

So I made a little trip to see my folks. I took some pictures but my DAD took better ones. He will send them to me soon.
My Aunt and Grandma and Donovan
I wore that shirt for my Grandma cause she is from NEW MEXICO

Lady chill in the backyard.


my parents...thanks for everything

pig races...My dad took better pictures

OH I made a tent dress...tanks coming soon

Also new jewelry

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

 I was glad today the store was busy. However I really wanted to make jewelry...I have so many ideas. OK so here's what I did get a chance to do...take some pictures of my outfit...

jeans-Urban Outfitters...dang they sure stretch out alot.Not to happy about that. That's why I don't buy new stuff..snarf!
Vintage Famolare-the store of course
vintage leather belt-thrifted

Necklace-the chain from another necklace Nicole made. The pendent from the Sacramento Antique Fair. It was 5 BUCK! This was for me. It's made in Japan, I have another piece like this.

Jax's always has to be in the picture

GOALS-to be more selective when thrifting.
Better more quality jewelry.
Today I was so disappointed with my finds....I thought why did I get this!!! AAAH no good!

cool shirt that made me laugh I have to alter it.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Outfit post
oh man HORNETS nest


jax always has to be in the picture

the only clear photo-
Mexican Button-up- From a friend
shorts-Cuffs a couple years agao
Vintage Famolare-Nicole had them at the store

jax lurking in the back


At the store-Crimson & Clover

Wish I had something say. I just love this sunshine...