Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Clothes were on MTV Made

I finally saw the MTV Made with Keia....and TWO other girls! Keia is from Sacramento and she wants to be a model, we filmed some stuff at two stores that carry my line, Krazy Mary's & Sugar Shack. You can see her webisode and see little bits of me. On the show she is wearing the Bummer Bunny shirt and earrings that I gave her. THANKS KEIA. OH if you get a chance it's episode number 25 Model Challenge

Lonely Bear with Depressed daisy

this is a story of Lonely Bear. There is always a cloud above him:( His friend depressed dasiy are like two peas in a pod. That's why they are best friends.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I just had the chance to be on MTV.....I think it is a great chance show off my stuff. However, I really do not want to see how I look on you know MTV repeats things all the time!!

The show is called Made and it's about a gal who wants to be a model. It was nice to put her in my stuff. I put her in the pantsuit in the above photo. The girl looked soo cute, she said she never wore vintage before.
The girl in the photo is MEL, I showed her the pantsuit and she had to have it.

I think it will air in September

Atelier AD

Atelier AD
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Well I don't have my own store but when I heard about a CO-OP in Sacramento....I decided to be part of it. It is a great space that has a lot of potential. There are some great designers and great nice creative people.

If you live in the Sacramento area please come visit this great store. Coming soon there will be another store above with more high-end and couture clothing.