Saturday, March 26, 2011

Finally another post...BUT THE PICTURES DONT SHOW UP!!!! Click the small dot

FIRST I have been trying all day to figure out this my pictures will not show up. I have no idea why it's very annoying. You have to click the small dot and they will appear. You can also check out my Flickr Account to see the anyone having this problem???/

SECOND OFF-Been in a rut...maybe the weather maybe other damn things in life or I just don't feel like sharing...yeah I'M in a mood. HA anyways

Things at Crimson & Clover have been great. We just got back from the Vintage Expo and it was great. WE sold some of our collection. Some stuff I was sad to see it leave. Nicole and I our getting custom shoes check out her blog post to see what I am talking about.

OK new Jewelry

I call this Chain Ladder. All recycled chain

Nice Bold Mod inspired Pendent

Love this one. You ARE NO.1
all vintage sports medals...such wonderful detail

The pink Fringe Southwest look made by me.
The lovely leaf fringe made by Nicole

Both have sold but I love how our jewelry works together
The skull necklace by Nicole and the other one by me



I didn't have a chance during the day so this was at the end of the night.
Vintage Shirt from SPCA thrift store-4 bucks
Vintage 70's poly floral skirt---Like I need another one-5 bucks from a fellow thriftier
knee highs-thrift still in package from the 80's...wish I had  Swan Pony Sock garters oh that would be the best! I have some but I can't find them...sad face.
Vintage 70's granny SEARS gold shoes-from Nicole at the store
Vintage 70's Moppets Mirrored necklace-Etsy

The other side of the necklace...she's so cute
rings made by me

later dudes-