Saturday, September 17, 2011

18 weeks

So Thursday I was invited to hangout at Annimal's  amazing and just the coolest home ever. Also invited was the famous blogger Citizen Rosebud and the rocken Kerry D . I really adore all of them and their blogs.
What I wore..... A caften from Nicole I never thought I would even wear one but I am getting a little bigger.
Shoes from Blowfish. Sorry I look pissed in this picture....well maybe I'm not that sorry..hee
Oh yes I finally got a hair cut by Adrienne Cheng at Salon Paisley

Yo Jax how are you it's been a long time...

I found this little guy on a dollar table and was like this is mine forever and I am going to make a ring.
Oh it's so cute and I just think Blue Jays are the coolest. Better not loose this...

Ok later

Sunday, September 4, 2011

once in a while

 I have ideas of blogging more about being stylish while being with child. I wanted to be very thrifty but when it come to knits I have been shopping in the Sale section of Target ...even Pea in the Pod.  I mean I went to Thrift Town and they are charging 7.99 for a used H&M  and F21 top....what the's so lame

My outfit is 100% SECOND HAND
gauze bird blouse/tunic/mini dress-Nicole
70's deadstock mini shorts-the store
vintage 70's wedges- estate sale
necklace I put together-Vintage Monet chain and I added this music box I found as a key chain

I'm a birdie

I want to dance!

Necklace I made it has already sold