Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mu Mu like what Nana use to wear

no slip! see through!! sexy mu mu

had a belt then it just felt so much better without it

70's sale hardly worn!

tried to do something different with my hair after lookin at this I better try again
hey I am 100% thirft. Dress-C&C, Wedges-estate sale, even my hair clip vintage Goodie

ring made by me...Oh I loved sitting in the sun! HEAT

Necklace made by Nicole

i really like over exposed photos

I made some stuff Santa Fe lovers

no I didnt make this you know I got it at the Dollar store

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

feather porkchop moon sister...

hello let's dance to the moon

all sold except the large purple rain agate

take it off!

now belongs to kerry D.

picnik a little to yellow

sold out

thinkin'..take time to do your hair

outfit-all second hand

Monday, June 6, 2011

busy somewhat...not feelin it...

 OK for my outfit post-Old....look for me in the GLOBAL FASHION section pg 44...I'm like the oldest one.

                                                           My handmade stuff-
Made a few things.... I have made a lot more like necklaces but didn't find time to take pictures

reconstructed slouchy 80's tank tunic

RIP Lady

One thing that has made me not post is the lost of my loyal sweet dog. I got her in 1997 and she was by my side for 14 years. A couple years ago she slipped and fell on her hip...the doctor said it might be bone cancer. He also told me his dogs had it and you can give them the treatment but with bone cancer there is no recovery. So she seemed OK, but once she feel she always limped...she never used that back leg. Then I noticed her getting very thin and just in pain. She could not walk around, she just had to lay on the sofa. She was whining so much it was so hard I could not do anything to help. I made the choice to finally take her to the vet. God the worst thing but the best thing. I wish she could have passed away like in her sleep outside in the sun, she deserved it. I feel empty, I miss her so much. I know it's just a dog but there is something special when you do bond with an dog or cat. I loved her breath and I  loved the way she smelled. She was my best friend. I was blessed to have such a wonderful wonderful dog

pure breed pitbull terrier