Monday, May 11, 2009

SWANs RULE I heart Swan Diamond Rose

1.SWANclothing TINY ROSE purse
2.SWANclothing Black & White Tulips Shirred Cage Dress

This lady is chic and full of CLASS. Her style is amazing and her handmade purses and dresses are a MUST all year round. Her attention to details is amazing, she has wonderful craftmenship.
I own a TWO purses.....SO FAR. I am a total fan of hers and if you think I am kissing her butt...well kind of! I have meet her ONLINE and I support her. SHE is a true Do it yourselfer....she models, she does the graphics, she takes the photos, she makes everything all by herself. Check out her blog you can find her on flickr and etsy store there.
SWANS RULE hearts Tara

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SwanDiamondRose said...

wow. thank you so much Kara. seriously. many hearts to you :)