Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mixing it up Florals & Tattoos

Nicole always brings the best items around. I recently took advantage of getting first dibs on some of the items from the store.

Another Nicole find, Avon Locket ring. The Unicorn earrings I got on Ebay.

I dont really like high necklines, but I tried this dress and it fit. The neckline dosen't even bother me, yeah.


Liz said...

You're so cute! I missed you the other day when I went in there. Nicole was there with her 2 kids and they were driving her crazy LOL. I'll be back probably this weekend though because I'm leaving to MAUI in a week and I need some cute dresses :)

flaming hag folkwear said...

aww, those pieces look adorable on you. i love when vintage finds its way to the right home :)
i tried taking some pics outside on saturday (speaking of first dibs, i was wearing the floral hanky hem dress i bought from you!). they turned out really good, too bad it is supposed to rain again tomorrow :(

Violet Folklore said...

The earrings are amazing!!! I love the dress too!