Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Catholic Collection

I still have a hard time parting with my Catholic knick knacks. I have holy cards, Jesus and Mary wall hangings, and charms. I have made some jewelry in the past but it's still so hard to give them up.
Here's some I made in the past that have already sold.

I made this with a broken rosary.

these pendents are in a tin waiting to be made....I just can't let go of them

Some of my artwork. I recently saw the same St.Theresa image in a Curb Your Enthusiasm:season 7, episode. The Jesus head I sold on Etsy, it broke, well that what they said. I have shipped stuff so much and this was the only thing that ever broke! I guess I should have kept it.

These Marys were on my mantel. Now that I moved I have to find a new place for them

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