Saturday, October 2, 2010

What I wore & things I made this week

So much. First what I wore. I spotted this wonderful skirt with cranes! In love.
Check out the blog post I did for Crimson & Clover

Vintage Bottle necklace, from the store one of Nicole's Finds. That's what's so great to be part of the store.

wings of the crane

Friday I wore LEVIS

I have had this 70's yellow gingham blouse for about 2 years and now I was like I should wear that. The shorts are also Levis, yeah I cut them.

Nicole and I traded. She wanted the Southwest ring and I wanted these.
I really like how these have been distressed. I hope I don't wear these too much, but right now these are my favorite shoes at the moment besides the clogs!

What I made

Keys to my heart

fall swirl

Hey those are my nuts! Fancy nuts.

Unicorn Charm holder. I want to keep. The chain is black. You can also add more charms to this necklace.

I am truly obsessed with these Chinese Deadstock enameled charms, I have made sooo many things with these. They are from the 70's.
Check out this Fashion Blogger-Evelesco:Fashion Horseplay she just bought one of my simple Id bracelets.


the Citizen Rosebud said...

She just did YET another post about more C&C goodies.

Cool stuffs,


Thanks RQ!

NikkNaks said...

Everything looks gorgeous! I love you in that little yellow top...
I will be in this week, save something fabulous for me ;)


Ah thanks! See you soon