Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013 oh late bloggin

whats up oh nothing just closing Crimson & little dude is walking
Im ready to work and take care of my little dude. Closing the store is a relief...but its sad at the same time. I have meet some really nice cool people.
I love this band I love this and I would get it tattooed on me

some of these rings are online please give me more time to add more

one cool thing about 2012 we won best vintage in Sacramento
all right all right all right
you  can follow me on instagram
what else oh nothing nothing at all
I dont want to say oh I will try to blog more cause I dont even have the time or energy to even try to come up with cool pictures of my outfits or my food or my so called wonderful life
one goal this year is to get tattooed again


Anonymous said...

You closed the store? Oh no! Whats your next move gonna be? Or are you focusing on family?

Porkchop Rules said...

oh yes I had yes its just my little guy and me. I can sell online...still more changes in life. SO far the year hasnt been very postive excpet making my son happy thats the main thing right now.