Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wardrobe Remix this is what I wear

Wed. at Crimson and Clover. I bought these boots from my Partner Nicole. The skirt I got on etsy. I love Vintage Levis, this is a 70s wrap skirt however it's too big, I have made some changes but it's still too big so I need to alter it again. The top is a vintage 80's Casual Corner.My necklace is a heart shaped digital watch necklace.  Today was good at the store I added some more lighting to the front.
Thurs. at Crimson & Clover. I needed to wear jeans, it was cold today.
I thought about suspenders and wearing them, thinking they would look cute with a pair of vintage Levis that I own. These jeans are Levis but they are the Capital E Levis, I got these on ebay. The suspenders are LEVIS also purchased from Nicole. The henely is from Target.
I added a button on the suspenders, I didn't want to add to many didn't want to look like MORk. The pin is from Russia. The shoes are like winos, but they have more of a sole and have a round toe.
Fri. oh what a lazy day. Feeling the effects from Aunt Flow. The black dress I got from another vintage shop in Sacramento a couple years ago. The grandpa cardigin is from the thrift store and it had many stains, I forgot and wore it to work. I usually would not do that. I wore my new boots again. I like added a couple of necklaces together. I paired up a vintage necklace, the gold bottle one with one from my grandma, she made it just for me. The wood bird pin I got when I use to work at an Antique store.


jenjems said...

Love those boots! That wooden bird pin is pretty amazing too! You've got so much style style star!!!

SwanDiamondRose said...

looking good! i love the 1st outfit. vintage levis in general! and the bird pin. sweet!

flaming hag folkwear said...

yay, you posted your outfits! you look great (you always make me wish i was wearing my jeans instead of dress to work). i am so glad that the boots and suspenders are living in a good home ;)
p.s. i am back online, woo hoo!