Monday, March 8, 2010

some necklaces remade

Usually if a necklace or bracelet that has not sold I will remake it into something else. Most of the time it works. Here's a couple that I remade and are at the shop.

I also have one more needlepoint necklace left. This one is so great for spring. Made with recycled chain as well.

Here's another necklace remade in. I love this Lotus Cloisonne Pendent. I use to have it on a brass chain then I took it off that and decided to use a chopper chain to highlight the different colors in the pendent.

Last I always like the lace necklaces I have been seeing on etsy. It's such a great idea to reuse lace pieces that we may just throw away. This is my first one, I added this vintage found silver Virgin Mary pendent .This you can find online plus free shipping worldwide Porkchop Rules

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flaming hag folkwear said...

wore the lavender needlepoint today!!! and also snagged the brown boho stripe top (i was so glad it didn't sell on my day off).