Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mu Mu like what Nana use to wear

no slip! see through!! sexy mu mu

had a belt then it just felt so much better without it

70's sale hardly worn!

tried to do something different with my hair after lookin at this I better try again
hey I am 100% thirft. Dress-C&C, Wedges-estate sale, even my hair clip vintage Goodie

ring made by me...Oh I loved sitting in the sun! HEAT

Necklace made by Nicole

i really like over exposed photos

I made some stuff Santa Fe lovers

no I didnt make this you know I got it at the Dollar store


the Citizen Rosebud said...

You KNOW I love muu-muus! And yours is specially lovely! I like the transparency of it and the embroidery! Those shoes are amazing- they look so nice and now, it's hard to believe the '70's had that style dialed in like they did.

Kerry said...

Holy christ on a stick! I am able to comment..WOOSH! Where to start? Okay, you look amazing. You are a total fox. I am so digging your new mu mu..And now, I am totally inspired to find some killer 70's wedges.. aaaand..your awesome..okay , I can't breathe.. see ya soon !

Porkchop Rules said...

thanks ladies! I like hanging with you too...both amazing and have great style. You both inspire me and I always learn something from both of you

Sherry said...

I love those 70's wedges... I had a pair exactly them in 1975. They were Famolare's. Anyway - I LOVED THEM and was SO COOL when I wore them with my bell-bottom, high waist, Ditto jeans! They are super nerdy styles now... I would NEVER wear. I am going to start looking for some in estate and vintage sales. Cheers!

Porkchop Rules said...

Sherry DITTOs I heard were the coolest thing! Those styles are back in style! Estate sales are wonderful! Good Luck on your finds and have fun