Sunday, October 23, 2011

what I put on my belly

The joys of a larger belly. SO Far I have gone through THREE Basq Body Butter and on my SECOND Resilient Body Oil. I also got a free Body Polish when I purchased the Basq products from Pea in the Pod. Um that place is expensive. I think I will try seeing about getting the products on EBAY.
this stuff smells so good and feels so good. I tried the Palmer's Lotion and I hated the way it smelled.

what I wore on Thursday.
a Birthday gift from Nicole
I had like two people that said they had the same dress that day....weird

skull necklace from Patch NYC 
on clearance from Fred years ago

TODAY I was 100% thrift
I would have taken more pictures but I just wasn't feeling it at the end of the day.
leather tooled THUNDERBIRD necklace made by
I wore my Dexter boots I got from Olipom...I wear them all the time just check out my older post.


WE both are having boys.


theequinebovine said...

wait, 'Body' Butter? I thought that was food. Shoot. That explains alot :)) I love you Kara! And I can't wait to meet Carson. He is gonna get major snuggles from me! I love your 90's picture:)

Porkchop Rules said...

ha it smells like food. Thanks Kerry, I feel I can get a little personal on here...not too much;\
He it totally moving around's strange

bonfire of my vanity said...

that is so sweet that you and your friend are both having baby boys. my best friend and i ended up having two sons each, and they are all about the same age. it's wonderful. you look stunning as always, my dear! you give me the baby rabies you look so gorgeous pregnant.

Porkchop Rules said...

Bonfire thanks so much. I have to admit it is fun having a little bump and getting to find new vintage finds! I do wish I was closer to my best friend, we can take the kids on walks and stuff...

the Citizen Rosebud said...

What a babe you and your pal are in the /90's and how cool is it you are both making babies at the same time!

annimal said...

90s yearbook represent!! I so totally wore the bare midriff 2! Glad you and little one are doing well, you look so beautiful!

Lisa said...

very cute dress. and sorry for the late reply. of course I would like to be entered into the contest but I pobably missed it:/

Anonymous said...

Looking through your flickrstream I was unsure whether you were pregnant or had just gained weight. I like to be absolutely certain! CONGRATULATIONS!!!